Perak Turf Club - Background & Business


The PRTC Equine Hospital @ Perak Turf Club (PRTC) is the only full-fledged equine hospital in Malaysia with an operation theatre. From its early humble beginnings, it has now developed into a much sought after equine medical centre of sorts. Besides offering official veterinary services under the Malayan Racing Association (MRA), the PRTC Equine Hospital also offers clinical veterinary services and is the preferred choice of referral on equine surgery and other complicated equine treatment cases. Apart from MRA associated turf clubs, case referrals are constantly received from equestrian centres, riding schools, spelling stations, polo establishments and the National Stud Farm.

The horse population at the Perak Turf Club fluctuates between 550 and 600 horses. On an average day, 36 horses are examined daily at the Equine Hospital with a considerable degree of variation in treatment rendered, depending on whether the horses are presented for routine or elective treatment or for complicated problems that require special examination or elaborate diagnostic procedures. During on-course race meetings, the Equine Hospital takes on additional responsibilities related to the influx of about 240 horses from the other turf clubs as well as official on-course racing duties as required by the MRA.

Today, the PRTC Equine Hospital is arguably the most modern and well-equipped among all the local equine clinics and equine treatment centres. It has an experienced team of veterinary surgeons to run its operations, combining the best of local veterinary healthcare talent with foreign equine healthcare experts from Australia and India. As part of the PRTC Equine Hospital’s ongoing efforts to upgrade its services, it has embraced new surgical techniques including treatment of horse tendon and joint injuries with stem cells and PRP (Platele-Rich Plasma). High-tech nebulizers are also employed to treat equine respiratory infections with accelerated recovery results while thermography is applied to detect early signs of injury in horses.

Being the only equine hospital in Malaysia, the PRTC Equine Hospital is called upon to shoulder a host of other responsibilities. On the social front, it responds to occasional SPCA calls and offers radiography services to companion animal veterinarians. Every year, it conducts practical training for veterinary science students from local universities, and has an ongoing internship programme to train equine veterinary surgeons for the local horse racing industry. Other equine-related training courses, sanctioned by the Equine Council and other approved bodies, are often conducted at the training facilities of the PRTC Equine Hospital. Today, the PRTC Equine Hospital is recognized as a premier equine surgical centre, performing up to 150 surgical operations a year and registering a success rate comparable to those found in major racing countries.